Paul's Menu

All Paul's hamburgers and rolls are served on a soft seeded bun, with standard fillings of fresh lettuce, tomato, raw onions and tomato sauce.

Paul`s chicken burger is a lightly marinated grilled breast fillet, which comes standard with fresh lettuce, tomatoe and Paul`s special sauce.
(Paul's home made hot chilli sauce available upon request!)

Optional fillings for beef and chicken burgers are: egg, bacon, cheese and pineapple

Optional Extras (at no extra charge) are: Beetroot, Cooked Onions and a selection of sauces such as BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli, Mustard and Paul's special sauce(garlic aioli)

All of the above fillings and optional extras can be used to create your own specific hamburger, chicken burgers or roll.

Hamburger/chicken burger options

Plain Burger (Beef or Chicken)
Egg Burger w/egg
Bacon Burger w/bacon
Cheese Burger w/cheese
Pineapple Burger w/pineapple
Paul's Special Burger w/bacon & egg
Special W/Cheese Burger w/egg, bacon & cheese
Special W/Pineapple Burger w/egg, bacon & pineapple
Works Burger w/egg, bacon, cheese & pineapple
Chicken Burger w/chicken
Kids Burger w/meat, cheese and tomato sauce
Roll Choice As per hamburger choices, excpetion of meat patty